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Agencies: Photogenics Agency Los Angeles ~ Supa Model Management  London ~ DSMgmt Germany

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Casil is an 22 year old from  a small town called Estes Park Colorado. He is an only child and was raised single handed by his mother.  He was home schooled from 4th grade and much preferred this form of schooling. He was voted one of the top 12 breakout artists this year 2017 for modeling as a male model.

His passion is singing and Cosplay. Casil started Cos-playing at the age of 12, after his mother took him to his very first Starfest convention in Denver CO in 2012. His love of Cosplay grew from there.

Prior to that he lived in Los Angeles for 2 years, he modeled as a female and was represented by agencies such as, JLA Talent LA, Ford LA , Photogenics LA, Next Canada .

From 2017 he was represented by Soul Artist Management, Photogenic Los Angeles & Supa Modeling Agency  in London. He is now with Photogenics LA, Supa London and DSM In Berlin Germany.

He started his career off modeling, acting and singing. Still today he does all of the above, as you can now see from the numerous videos he has put out this year campaign wise.    
Now he is represented by Soul Artist Management New York.

Casil started transitioning at the age of 16 . The concern that his mother had at that time was not knowing enough about how testosterone would work with his body, how it would affect him. But after much therapy, discussion and moving forward towards his transition it became much easier. Once all the medical stuff was understood and how he would feel about having his breasts removed.

Casil has spoken at United Nations, for Kenneth Coles Courageous Class he did this just a few months before his surgery & his 18th birthday. He is an activist for many things! For Gay rights & the LGBTQ+ community. For Black Lives Matter, the environment, human rights & many other things!

( As a mother we always worry about our children she said, all I wanted was for him to be sure he was making the right decision. I wont lie it was a difficult time when he was younger as he was so young when he decided this. I was worried he might be too young to make these kind of decisions. I wanted him to wait a little longer, so that we could do more research.

But seeing how much my son loved being male and also still liked to dress as female I finally understood it made him extremely happy. He truly stepped into his true authentic self. Every since he was a kid, his step dad and I always thought he was gay. We never discussed it with him as we wished for him to come to that conclusion himself. So when he came out it was no surprise!

The surprise was that he thought we would not accept him. Unfortunately he had other friends who went through very difficult times transitioning & Coming out to their families so automatically thought we would never accept him! Not the case at all.

Finally we all got on the same page understood his needs, he started testosterone and then had a double mastectomy a month before his 18th birthday. It was hard to see him go through that pain. Usually women do that when they have breast cancer, which actually runs in our family.  So having that done at 18 was tough for him. But I also know now it is also for the best for him.

The day he had the surgery, I never saw my kid happier, that smile even although he was drugged up to the eyeballs, melted my heart! I knew he made the right decision right there and then. He has never looked back since

He is so androgynous! I love that about him, he is a very special human being and I could not be prouder of his achievements. I support him in all he does. All I want is for my son to be happy. I consider myself very fortunate I get to experience him as an amazing human being. Who is kind, compassionate, thoughtful, understanding. He is a person who stands up for his friends, does not let anyone bully them! Amazing!)


His Vision

About Casil McArthur

For all young people in this world to be true to themselves, to honor who they are.

Step forth and embrace who they are.  Too be supported by all who love them. For them not to be turned out onto the streets for being who they want to be!

Today he is setting his sights on his next goals, with his focus on trans rights. He is  a role model for trans teens, especially those transitioning from male to female. To date, he is the only female-to-male trans model of note in the business.

“I feel that everybody in their life 
comes to a point where they need to transition to who they really are as a person.” 
— Casil McArthur